Yealink - Factory Default Process

Yealink - Factory Default Process

Model - SIP-T46U
1. To Factory Default this device ensure you are on the idle screen.
2. Hold Down the OK Button for 5 Seconds.
3. A message will show “Warning Reset to Factory Setting?”
4. Press Okay
5. The device will then reboot and Factory Default.

Model - W52P

The following process can be followed to factory default a Yealink W52P handset, please note this is the manual process due to the Web Interface being locked out once the device has provisioned.

  1. Power off the unit - if powered by PoE this might mean unplugging the network cable
  2. Wait 15 seconds
  3. Press and hold the connect button on the base station
  4. Reconnect the power
  5. Wait until all 3 status lights are on, showing solid green
  6. Release the button and wait 5 minutes
  7. Power off the unit
  8. Wait 15 seconds
  9. Reconnect the power
  10. Your phone may update it's configuration after the reboot which may result in a second reboot process automatically within a minute or two of the first reboot

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