Understanding your report file V2

Understanding your report file V2

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      The below screenshot is an example of how the TXT file will look once downloaded. To convert this to CSV rename the file .CSV. Please see example below:
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      Download the attached guide for instructions on how to run reports - Mobile Manager
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      I have ceased my service, why have I been charged? We invoice service charges a month in advance. Any ceases due to complete within that month will be refunded on the next month’s invoice. For example, a product that is due to cease on the 12th of ...
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      Please note, there are certain network rules that are required in order for the system to work without issues, these can be found here - Firewall Settings The link below will allow Partners to carry out an assessment of an end-users connectivity to ...
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      Please download the attached file to install the RCMS Application for the Robustel R1510