Download the attached guide for step by step instructions on how to SIM Swap SIMs
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    • Sim Swap information

      There are a few sims that are unable to be sim swapped. There are some sims that are unable to be SIM Swapped, please find a list of SIMs below that can and cannot be sim swapped. Can SIM Swap: Vodafone Dynamic SIMs O2 Dynamic Sims. Can NOT SIM Swap: ...
    • Allocating and Activating Sims

      Please download the attached PDF guide for step by step instructions on how to Allocate and Activate sims on Mobile Manager
    • Tariff Changing Sims

      Download the attached PDF document for step by step instructions on how to tariff change sims. This article also includes a list of sim tariffs that you cannot tariff change.
    • A guide to Three roaming SIMs

      Jola’s Three Multi-network SIMs allow you to choose the number of networks a SIM has access to in a single country or, for SIMs that travel across borders, in multiple countries.   Different countries have a different number of networks available; ...
    • How to Cease a Sim

      To Cease a SIM first browse to the customer's tab on Mobile Manager and select the details button of the customer you wish to cease a SIM under.  Hit the SIMs Tab and this will bring you to all the SIMs that are associated with this customer. Browse ...