Robustel - Bridge Mode/IP Passthrough Guide

Robustel - Bridge Mode/IP Passthrough Guide

All models in the Robustel range support Bridge Mode (IP PassThrough) to allow customers to use a third party router to manage the LAN while the Robustel acts as a modem only.

Please Note, this requires a Fixed IP SIM

To enable Bridge Mode (IP PassThrough) follow the below steps:-
Log on to the Robustel router management page
Select “Network – IP Passthrough” from the left menu.

   Change Enable to On – click Submit then Save & Apply

Please note – once this feature is enabled the Robustel will still be accessible with DHCP enabled and WiFi on. If you want to turn these features off this can be done so via the following menus:-
DHCP = Interface – LAN – and clicking the Edit button

WIFI = Interface – 
– Access point – change Enable to OFF

During testing we followed the above steps - leaving DHCP and WIFI enabled – and using a Fixed IP 
, we were able to see the 
passed the external WAN Fixed IP through to the WAN interface on our test router (
. After this change, the Draytek  managed all the LAN traffic and the Roubstel was adcting as the modem.

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