Private APN Guide

Private APN Guide


You must already have access to Mobile Manager

If ordering EE Private APN: 

You must have unactivated, Jola, EE SIMs in stock

Your Mobile Manager platform must have the private APN EE tariffs linked to it that you are initially planning to order / use for testing (see step 1 below). 

1.Consult with your Account Manager to agree whether a standard Private APN solution is suitable for your requirements or whether any custom design work is required. Advise your Account Manager which private APN tariffs you want to have access to for initial testing & customer orders.

2.If ordering EE Private APN, the order can be made via Mobile Manager. If you are ordering eSIM Private APN, our Provisioning team will send you Customer Requirement Form to gather all the information needed to proceed with building Private APN for you. 

3.Jola do initial build setting up the IPsec tunnel after which config / pre-shared key and instructions made available to you on Mobile Manager. 

4.You contact Jola ( to confirm that you have successfully setup your gateway. Configuration guides for known working devices can be found on our Knowledgebase

5.Jola test connectivity to your gateway using a Jola test SIM and advise you when this has been successful. The test SIM will remain on your platform to help with in-life diagnostics.

NB - The monthly private APN charge starts from this date 

6.You then activate a SIM on a Private APN EE/ your unique Private APN eSIM tariff on Mobile Manager to test your config. 

7.You confirm there are no problems and that the Private APN is now performing how you want it to. Standard in-life Support will apply from this point.

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