Personal Contact Directory Guide

Personal Contact Directory Guide

A personal contact directory is only visible on the user it is configured against.

Once signed into the phone management portal, select Employees and then use the search bar to bring up a list of available users. Next, select the Employee you wish to add a personal directory to and then select Features.

Under the Contacts section select Personal Contacts

Once in the Personal contacts page you can either enter individual contacts by clicking +Add or Upload a .csv document by choosing a file and clicking import.

Manually adding contacts

Click Add and enter a name and number for the contact, then click save

Importing a .CSV File

This needs to be in the following format; 

Column A needs to have Name

Column B needs to have Number

All contact names in Column A needs to have no punctuation or special characters. This will sort Last Name / First Name on the phone’s directory.

Any Numbers under column B need to start with a ‘ symbol followed by the full number.

Save this as a .CSV Comma Delimited file and then don’t open the file again as this will loose the leading 0 for the number. Select the file then click Import.

Enabling the Contact Directory

Next Head back to Features and then select Phone Services under the Contacts section

Ensure the Enabled box is checked (if it isn’t, check the box and save the page).

Select the Blue Text (This is the device name)

Set the Status to ON and then check the Include Personal Contacts box. Click save then reboot your handset

Once this has been enabled against the user, reboot any associated handsets to accept the changes.

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