JolaPhone VoIP System With Virgin Media Broadband

JolaPhone VoIP System With Virgin Media Broadband

Please note this information is for Virgin Media Business and Residential Broadband connections supplied by Virgin Media. 

Due to the way Virgin Media Broadband connections route, this creates an incompatibility with JolaPhone systems.  

There are ways to bypass the issues however if the connection is ordered with a Static IP address, Jola will be unable to resolve the issues.

If the connection is a Business or Residential connection with a Dynamic IP, you can bypass the settings configured in the Virgin supplied Router. 

To do this, you will need to purchase and additional router to manage the LAN settings (eg. DHCP, Wireless LAN, port forwarding) as the incompatibility relates to the Virgin Supplied router. 

In order to bypass this, you will need to configure the Virgin Router to Modem Mode and then configure the second router to manage the LAN.

We would also recommend ensuring that all the
 Firewall Rules are configured on the second router.

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