2N IP Door Intercom Guide

2N IP Door Intercom Guide


First, you will need to add the handset to the platform - Add a handset to the platform

This document shows an administrator how to configure supported IP Phones. All IP phones used on the JolaPhone platform need to be on the compatible hardware list and must meet the firmware criteria set-out. Any phone not listed will not work with the service. 

These devices are on our supported device list but at this time we are not selling these devices. Resellers will need to locate a supply source for these. In addition, you will need to locate an installer and locksmith who must install this according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Jola is not responsible for any issues arising out of miss-configuration, so please note the following:

1. The reseller is responsible for the installation of all Door Entry devices

2. The reseller is responsible for outsourcing, where necessary of all installation and ancillary services to whom they see fit, including locksmiths etc

3. Jola/Reseller will configure the device to communicate with the platform. Jola is only responsible for Call Processing, System Settings and all other settings are the responsibility of the Reseller

4. Jola is not responsible for any theft or damage as a result of the reseller’s installation or misconfiguration etc.

To use this device, once acquired, they or their install provider needs to follow our configuration guide to get this speaking to the JolaPhone platform where it can download our minimum supported firmware as well as connect to our service. Please note if the device is shipped with firmware at a higher level than what we support, then the installer will need to arrange to downgrade this before connecting to our platform. For further information on installation please refer to the guides on 2N’s website.

Once this is done, then the next step is to place an order for a user and specify the device details. If you are repurposing a user, simply add the device to the platform and then assign it to the user.

Supported Devices

2N are a recognized provider of door entry intercoms in the residential and business sector and are a Broadsoft approved provider for interoperability with the JolaPhone platform. Further information can be found by clicking on the following link: https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/

The following 2N device type is supported and available in the Adding a device section of the JolaPhone Platform.

  • 2N IP Intercom

Selecting this allows the following devices to be used on our platform:

  • 2N IP Solo
  • 2N IP Force
  • 2N IP Version


All Device Types and Devices need to be rebooted locally, remote reboot is not supported on this device type.

Firmware Upgrades

When devices contact our provisioning server to check for new firmware. Where new firmware is found, the device will automatically update the device. Polling will automatically occur once the device contacts the provisioning server and once a day outside of working hours.

Network, Firewall & Security Considerations

Requirements specific to the 2N Intercom devices are as follows:



Destination Port



TCP 443


TCP 443

We recommend that the device is placed behind a router/firewall for security reasons. This is particularly important in situations where the device is issued a public IP making it easily accessible from the internet; in these cases, we recommend that the device’s position is hardened to reflect this public accessibility as per standard industry practices.


The supported devices use HTTPS to retrieve software and configuration files. The manual provisioning process requires the use of a PC or laptop connected to the same network.


These devices must be installed by an approved engineer, please ensure they adhere to all installation instructions, available here:

Manual Configuration using Web Interface

This process assumes that DHCP is in use on the network and requires the use of the web interface to enter the Provisioning Server Address. DHCP Option 66 can also be used to set the Provisioning Server Address: https://dm.yourwhc.co.uk/dms/phone.

We also recommend that a valid NTP server is set, such as europe.pool.ntp.org. Please note that a DHCP served Provisioning Server Address will not be committed to the flash memory.

  • Follow the 2N documentation and connect the device to network and power.

  • Once the device has powered up you will need to find the IP address of the unit by downloading the 2N Network Scanner app from https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/products/2n-network-scanner or use Wireshark to mirror the port. A User Guide on 2N Network Scanner can be found here: 

The Web User Interface will prompt for a Username and Password. The default details are;                   

Username: admin 

Password: 2n

Click on the Configuration tab and set the Server Address to https://dm.yourwhc.co.uk/ and the File Path to /dms/phone. 

Change the Time Zone to Europe/London, tick the Use NTP Server option and enter the following into the NTP Server Address parameter, 0.uk.pool.ntp.org, followed by Save.

Click on the Maintenance sidebar and select the Restart Device button. 

The device will request its software and configuration files. The device may power cycle whilst installing software and processing its configuration. If successful, the line provisioned will register for service.

Trouble Shooting - Device Fails to Register

For troubleshooting tips specific to the 2N device in use, please review this site:


  • Check that you have provisioned the correct Device Type in JolaPhone platform.
  • Check that you have entered the correct MAC Address of the handset.
  • Check that the Provisioning URL is set to https://dm.yourwhc.co.uk/dms/phone and ensure the device can access and over HTTPS (TCP port 443).
  • Check that the network meets the requirements in the WHC Firewall, Security and Network 

Considerations section of the Product Handbook.

  • Check that the device has power and network connectivity.
  • If all of the above fails, please reset the configuration of the phone as per the steps identified below.

For troubleshooting tips specific to the 2N device in use, please review this site:


Factory Reset Instructions

A factory reset can be performed by clicking on the Reset Configuration button in System/Maintenance, or using the hardware reset button on the electronics of the product, accessible after opening the enclosure. Use of the reset button varies depending on the model of 2N device. Follow printed instructions on enclosed user guide or respective Installation Manual online from the following page:


In both cases, factory reset does remove all configuration. Factory reset done using the button also erases the license key – we advise to copy the license key before performing the factory reset. Factory reset done using the virtual button in configuration keeps the license key.

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