Robustel - Health Check Application

Robustel - Health Check Application

Not all Robustel routers include the Jola Health Check app.  You can check if a router has this app installed by navigating to the ‘App Centre’ in the ‘System’ section of the GUI.

The App Centre shows what apps are installed on a Robustel and whether it has both the MM app aka ‘mobile_manager’  (the ‘Mobile Manager Client’) and the Health Check app.

We currently have no plans to retrospectively add the app to the estate of live routers that went out before the Health Check application was created, however, if a particular Partner or Customer wants it to be added to their routers and understands they will need rebooting please contact Support.

There are 2 parts to the Health Check app:


  1. Restarts the Jola MM app on the Robustel if this crashes (which can happen, particularly as the MM app relies on 3rd party services).


  2. Reboots the router if it is offline based on the app settings that the customer can adjust (or disable i.e. switch ‘Off’).

• This is the ‘Ping Reboot’ under ‘Services’ <see GUI screenshot below>

• Default setting is ‘On’ but customer can turn ‘Off’. There will be edge cases which mean the Health Check app could potentially cause the customer issues.  In these scenarios they can simply set the ‘Ping Reboot’ to ‘Off’.

• The ping destination addresses can be changed if the customer desires.

• The interval between ping tests is set to 10 mins by default (but this can be adjusted)

• The number of Ping failed tests is set to 10 by default (but can be adjusted)

• By default, if the router is offline for 100 mins (10 ping tests x 10 mins) the router will automatically reboot – no need for SMS or any intervention to make this happen.

Flow chart showing what the Health Check app does:

Crash Log Reporting

As per the screenshot below, can be enabled or disabled. 

If enabled, when the Health Check app reboots the device or restarts the MM app, the crash log reporting takes a snapshot of the system logs and sends them to us.  This will help us diagnose what the problem was and hopefully help us mitigate the same problem happening again in the future.

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