Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) Introduction v1.3

Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) Introduction v1.3

Jola have no involvement in, or responsibility for, the content, the accuracy of the content or links on RCMS. 

Furthermore, Jola do not have detailed knowledge or expertise when it comes to working with the RCMS platform.  As such, Jola Resellers that choose to use RCMS do so on the basis that they will be independent, relying on the self-help guides available on RCMS.  Jola Support will, for most enquiries, refer the Reseller to these guides if a Reseller calls with questions related to RCMS.  

The detailed guides and FAQs are in the ‘Support’ section of RCMS:  

One of the documents in the above Support section is to the ‘RCMS Quick Start Guide V2’ which is where most Resellers should start when getting to know the platform.

  1. Introduction

RCMS is Robustel’s proprietary platform for customers to monitor and manage their estate of Robustel routers. RCMS facilitates analysis of the performance of SIMs being used in the routers.

Resellers that want to use RCMS should contact their Jola AM and specify the individual who will be the first RCMS user (the ‘Owner’ role). This person will receive e-mailed instructions to access RCMS after which they can create additional ‘Admin’ and ‘Common Users’ here:

Creating customised roles with different permissions is also possible here:

The Reseller then needs to add the Robustel routers to RCMS (instructions for this are later in this guide).

The RCMS app is pre-installed on the routers but is set to disabled.  To use RCMS the Reseller or end-user needs to enable RCMS in the web GUI.

If they wish to, Resellers are able to group routers together by customer and give the customer read-only access to view their own routers (and only their own routers) on RCMS. The document in the Support section of RCMS with instructions for this is called ‘RCMS - Limiting End Customer Access.pdf’.

  1. RCMS vs Mobile Manager

All Robustel routers purchased through Jola come with the Jola app (‘Mobile Manager Client’) pre-installed.  

NB - Only Jola SIM cards can be used with Robustel routers supplied by Jola.

The Jola app was developed by Jola using the open SDK available with Robustel routers.  The Jola app:

  1. Configures the router when it is switched on (having identified the type of Jola SIM installed in the router).
  2. Sets the Wi-fi and Admin username and password. 
  3. Automatically keeps all apps up-to-date.
  4. The Jola app is also collecting real-time data usage (which is not yet, but will very shortly, be presented in Mobile Manager).

The ‘Mobile Manager client’ Jola app will evolve over time giving Resellers (and their customers who have been given access to Mobile Manager) more of the information and control that is currently only available via RCMS.  An example of this and one of the first enhancements being planned will be the option to reboot the router by clicking a button in Mobile Manager.

The following are examples of information that RCMS provides which is not currently available on Mobile Manager:  

  1. Signal Strength
  2. Location of the device
  3. Connection History
  4. Latency

  1. Adding Robustel routers to RCMS

Robustel routers are added to RCMS either individually or in batches in the ‘RobustLink’ section > DevicesAdd/Remove Devices (

The screenshot below shows the page which captures the information needed to add a router to the platform:

NB – The Serial Number and MAC / IMEI are currently only available on the sticker on the router.  At some point in 2020 this information will be available on Mobile Manager.

Additional information for the fields that needs to be completed is shown below: 

  1. SN (Serial Number) – must be 14 characters
  2. MAC/IMEI 
  3. Device Name – no more than 30 characters – a quick reference to identify an individual router (e.g. name of person using router, location of router etc).
  4. Device model (either ‘R1510-4L’ or ‘R2000-4L or ‘R2010-4L’)
  5. Device OS – This should be left as ‘ROS’
  6. Device Description – Can be left blank but if the 30 characters of ‘Device Name’ is not long enough, 200 words can be used to store more information related to the router.

  1. RCMS Licence Types

There are 3 RCMS licence types giving differing levels of functionality on RCMS:

  1. Basic  - Free of charge. All routers automatically come with this licence enabled.
  2. Essentials  - $1 per router, per month.
  3. Advanced $3 per router, per month. Each router added to RCMS has access 

 to a free 3-month trial of the Advanced licence.

The ‘Essentials’ and ‘Advanced’ licences are upgrades purchased directly from Robustel within the RCMS platform -

The Advanced licence gives access to ‘Robust VPN’.  The guide to using Robust VPN is again in the Support section of RCMS: RobustVPN RobustOS App Datasheet - V4.pdf’.

The table below gives headline information on what is included with each licence. For more detail please refer to the ‘RCMS Features Matrix’ PDF here:

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