Jola Fixed IP Service (formerly ‘CPE Fixed IP’) - first time connection

Jola Fixed IP Service (formerly ‘CPE Fixed IP’) - first time connection

Version History

v1.1 – Aug 23

v1.2 – 23/02/2024 – Product name has been changed from ‘CPE Fixed IP’ to ‘Fixed IP Service’ and article updated to reflect this. 

IMPORTANT – Please be aware that there are 2 versions of the Fixed IP service:

Standard Config – IP Passthrough / Port Forwarding is not possible (orders do not need pre-sales involvement)

DIA Config – delivering the Fixed IP to a device behind the router is possible (does need pre-sales involvement)

Guide – First Time Connection

When ordering a new router with the Fixed IP service, it will be added to the relevant systems to allow ‘plug and play’ upon delivery. We will advise when the fixed IP has been assigned to the router which is when we will ask you power on the router for the first time.

The Fixed IP Service will only work on firmware version 5.0.0 or above. An order must be placed for the chargeable Fixed IP Service to get a fixed IP assigned to the router.

When ordering a new router to use with the Fixed IP Service, the router will be added to the relevant systems to allow ‘plug and play’ upon delivery.

To order the Fixed IP Service for an existing device, we require the serial number of the device. Please contact your account manager to place an order.

Once confirmed as completed, a job will be queued by the Robustel management platform for the device to pull down the config next time it communicates to the Robustel platform. 

Nb. If the device is running older firmware, this job will not download. Once firmware is upgraded, the firmware update will reboot the router and download the required configuration from the Robustel platform.

Ordinarily, access to the device will not be required however, should you require access to the device once the configuration has been applied – the port for accessing the router changes to 55555 – eg.

The external port will also change to 55556

When connected, the WAN interface will show the SIM provider IP address however the 

device is connected on the assigned Fixed IP.

The CPE fixed IP can be found under VPN menu option and selecting L2TP then status:-

Telnet is disabled by default to prevent unwanted cyber-attacks. We strongly recommend this setting is left OFF for security reasons. 

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