Jola eSIM - SIM Card Changes

Jola eSIM - SIM Card Changes

Jola eSIM cards will now only display the EID32 of the SIM instead of the ICCID.

An EID32 is a unique identifier of an eSIM card, these numbers will be imported into Mobile Manager and will be used for future activations. 

New eSIM card

Old eSIM card

The EID32 is an additional column on the ‘Allocate SIMs’ and ‘Activate SIMs’ pages, see below;

The EID32 will always be searchable in the global search box after eSIMs have been imported.


After activation, the EID32 will not be displayed in the tags column in the list of SIMs under a customer but will show on the SIM details page replacing the ICCID Field.

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