Guide to Permanent Roaming

Guide to Permanent Roaming

  1. Roaming services on Jola’s non-M2M Vodafone and O2 SIMs are for users who travel periodically, not for those who roam on foreign networks on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.  

More detail on the FUP is available in the ‘International Zones Guide on the Jola extranet here: 

  1. Jola also offers M2M, multi-network, roaming SIM / eSIM options:
- eSIM (Global coverage with over 450 networks available)
- KPN (European Coverage – over 100 networks)
- EE (coverage in UK/EU/USA)
Multinet / Three (Global coverage with over 330 networks)

With some exceptions (*) there are no formal restrictions on these M2M SIMs roaming permanently.  However, roaming agreements are reviewed on an annual basis and countries can unilaterally impose regulations on operators (as happened recently in Turkey). Roaming agreements also have caveats to account for unexpected or untypical usage etc.  Because of this it is not possible for anyone to guarantee that a SIM will be able to roam permanently in any given country / on any specific network.

What we can say is that this has not happened on any Jola SIMs thus far.

It is also true that if an individual roaming agreement was discontinued and our SIM had multiple network options in the country in question, the SIM would roam on one of the alternative networks.

On eSIM it’s possible to provide ‘local profiles’ but they are more likely to be more expensive than a local SIM.  You gain certainty that you’re not going to get cut off, but the SIM is not roaming; a local SIM will often be a better option.

* - The exceptions are Brazil, China, India, Turkey and UAE.  For those countries then national regulations prohibit permanent roaming and so long-term deployments will need local operator signoff in advance.

NB – The content of this article has been checked but Jola assumes no liability for its accuracy, completeness, or timeliness

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