Guide to Jola eSIM Pay-Per-Zone tariffs

Guide to Jola eSIM Pay-Per-Zone tariffs

Jola ‘Pay-Per-Zone’ (PPZ) eSIM tariffs can save customers money if they need roaming SIMs with excellent network coverage across multiple countries.
All Jola eSIM tariffs are based on over 450 global networks, divided in to 5 pricing zones. PPZ eSIMs tariffs are different to Jola ‘standard’ eSIM tariffs because:
1) Data is charged at different rates based on the zone in which it is consumed.  
2) Data is charged per MB consumed
3) Data is charged at different rates based on whether the SIM is on an IoT tariff (all tariffs up to and including 250MB) or if it is a non-IoT tariff (all tariffs above 250MB); higher rates are applied to IoT tariffs.

Before PPZ, customers needing roaming eSIMs selected a tariff based on the zone which included the most expensive network(s) the SIM might need to use. This solution works well, but the customer does not benefit when the eSIM accesses networks in cheaper zones.
There are 2 choices when selecting a PPZ tariff: ‘PPZ Low User’ or ‘PPZ’ 

1) 'PPZ Low User’ = low monthly standing charge (£0.50) and higher data rates.  
2) ‘PPZ’ = higher monthly standing charge (£4.00) and lower data rates.  
NB: The standing charges are applied whether the eSIM is used or not and there is no cap on the data that ‘PPZ’ or ‘PPZ Low User’ eSIMs can consume (*). 

Whether to restrict the eSIM to specific zones.  
1) No restrictions would mean choosing between the Zone 5 ‘PPZ Low User’ or the Zone 5 ‘PPZ’ option.
2) To restrict a SIM to the networks in Zones 1 – 4, the choice would be either Zone 4 ‘PPZ Low User’ or Zone 4 ‘PPZ’. 
3) The same principles then apply to Zones 2 & 3.
The rate cards for data in all 5 zones on both ‘PPZ Low User’ and ‘PPZ’ can be found on the Jola Partner Portal under ‘Price Lists’ here:
Example – A SIM used for telemetry in lorries that travel across Europe.
Zone 1 gives access to 90 networks across 33 countries in Europe.  
(Zone 2 has USA networks, no additional coverage in Europe).
Zone 3 adds an additional 23 networks to this list and an additional 6 European countries.
Zone 4 adds 11 more networks and 4 more European countries.
Zone 5 adds one more network, no additional countries.

If a lorry……

1) occasionally visits one or more of the 4 European countries with networks in Zone 4.
2) the customer wants additional network coverage in the other Zone 4 countries (which also have networks in Zones 1, 2 or 3) 

…….they would previously have needed to activate a Zone 4 ‘standard’ eSIM.  

Depending on the amount of data consumed in each zone it is likely that the ‘Low-User’ PPZ Zone 4 eSIM would be the option to take in this scenario and save the customer money (compared to the ‘standard’ Zone 4 50MB tariff). 

If less than 50MB was consumed in a month on the PPZ tariff, it would mean even greater potential savings when compared with a 50MB standard tariff.

If, for example, the networks in Zones 1, 2 & 3 provide the coverage needed by a customer, a Zone 3 PPZ tariff could be activated to avoid the possibility of more expensive Zones 4 & 5 data being consumed.  

The example above demonstrates the principles and potential of PPZ.  As eSIM provides global coverage, the same benefits are available wherever in the world a SIM needs to roam. 

* - Mobile Manager default alerts do not work with PPZ tariffs as they are based on the percentage of a tariff data allowance used in the month.  We recommend resellers create their own custom alerts for PPZ tariffs based on total volume of data consumed.
The SIM details page on Mobile Manager has been enhanced so that at any point in the month it is easy to see how much data an eSIM has used in each zone. 
If you have any questions or if you want these tariffs to be available to you on Mobile Manager, please speak to your Jola Account Manager.

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