Flexible Seating – Sign in/out process

Flexible Seating – Sign in/out process

Flexible seating is a Hotdesking feature

To login to a handset 

On the Host Device, select Guest IN, this will be located at the bottom of the handsets screen 

In the User ID Field enter your Extension Number
and in the Password field input your Voice Portal PIN.

By default, we set your Voice Portal PIN to 1234.

Once this has been entered click OK and the handset will reboot.

You can tell you have done this successfully if your handset shows your extension in the top left screen after the reboot and your BLFs are visible.

 To Sign out of the device 

Select the More options at the bottom of the screen and then select 
Guest Out.


Input the Guest Unlock PIN (This will always be 1234) and click Enter


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