Robustel - First time connection guide

Robustel - First time connection guide

First time connection

Until the router connects to the internet, your router will have a 'factory shipped' configuration.

When an activated SIM is inserted into the router (or the SIM already inserted is activated) the router will auto-detect the SIM provider and connect to the internet.

******** Please wait up to 15 minutes *******

Within 15 minutes, the router will be auto-configured:

  1. WiFi will be enabled

The SSID (the WiFi network name) varies based on the model of Robustel you have: 

  1. SSID =       R1510-WiFi







  1. Password = w1rele55

  1. The appropriate APN details will be added automatically.

  1. Remote access via HTTP / HTTPS will be disabled (this can be manually reversed later if required).

  1. Admin Access to the router will be set to:

  1. Username =     admin
  1. Password =     RB followed by the last 6 digits of the device MAC address

(e.g. RB4DB1A2 where the MAC address ends 4D:B1:A2)

NB - MAC address information is located on the sticker on the router

Access without an active SIM

Access to the router is via Ethernet cable only as WiFi is disabled until connected to the internet

Admin access:

  1. Username = admin
  2. Password = admin

NB. Any custom configuration applied to a router before it has connected to the internet and successfully auto configured will be overwritten by the auto configuration process. Users requiring customised configuration are advised to allow the router to auto configure before applying custom settings.

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