Customer Dashboard Guide

Customer Dashboard Guide

Once your mobile manager portal has been created and you have created a customer you will be shown to the customer dashboard screen, this guide will cover all of the aspects of the customer section.

Details Page:

The Details Page is used to give a overview of the customer at a glance.

SIMs – This is how many SIMs are currently assigned to this customer.

Data Usage – How much data has been used by the SIMs in this customer, and how much has been used outside of the allowance.

SIM Usage Breakdown – This shows how many SIMs are currently active against the customer, and how many are in stock to be assigned an activation request.

Monthly Data Usage Alarms – How many alerts have been triggered by the SIMs in the customer account, and how many have been barred.

Orders Overview – This will show how many orders have been placed by this customer, the type of order and how many of those orders have been completed.

Users Page: 

You are able to give end user access to your customers so they are able to monitor their data usage or place activation requests for SIMs already allocated to the customer. 

To add a user click the create new button in the top right screen and that will bring you to the following page.

Enter in the email address for the user you would like to give access to and select the level of access the user will require.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently only two levels off access currently;

  1. Full Access – Where a customer can manage activations requests and place orders onto the SIMs.
  2. Read Only – Where a customer can only see there SIMs and data usage associated with them.

Hit the create button and then an email will be sent to that email address and they will be able to create the account.

CDR Page:

The CDR (Customer Data Record) page will auto generate a report for all the SIMs assigned to this customer, all data from here is generated by the network. 

This will include the mobile phone number, date and time, country code, the network the SIM is associated with, volume of data used, whether or not the SIM was out of zone, and the zone code. 

As the data is generated by the network and sent to us it can not be disputed. 

Simply hit download and it will be exported into a csv. file. 

Tariffs Page:

The Tariffs page is where you can add tariffs to a customer for which they will be activate SIMS against, we have a search bar that will allow you to better find which tariff you are looking for, simply click the box on the right side of the screen and save the changes, the customer will then be able to assign those tariffs against the SIMs.

SMS Tab:

The SMS Tab is used for sending text messages to all the SIMs under the customer account, it works very similar to how the NHS and Government text messages are sent to a device, we find this feature prominently used for marketing purposes and outage notifications.

The feature also works on exclusion list so it will be sent to all SIMs unless specifically requested to be excluded from the message by ticking the box on the right side of the SIM number.

(PLEASE NOTE: Customers are not able to send replies unless you specify an active MPN.)

If you wish to send the message to any additional numbers not associated with this customer you can enter them in the additional numbers field and separate them with a hit of the enter key.

Finally enter the message you wish to send to your customers.

(PLEASE NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default and is chargeable per message, if you would like this feature enabled and information on pricing, please speak to your Account Manager)


The SIMs tab is where you can see any SIMs associated with the customer, you will able to see details of the SIMs at a glance including:

  1. State (If the SIM is Active, Active with a bar or Unactivated)
  2. ICCID Number 
  3. Mobile Phone Number. 
  4. Tags associated with the SIM.
  5. Data Allowance.
  6. Data Usage as MB & Percentage.
  7. Location 
  8. Tariff associated with the SIM. 

When the platform is first created this section will be empty as you will need to assign SIMs to the customer, once you have placed an order some SIMs via the extranet they will be added to your SIM stock for allocation.

From there the SIMs will need an activation request sent against them.

If you require assistance with this set we have a separate guide for this under Allocating and Activating SIMs on the Knowledge base, alternatively you can contact your account manager who will be able to action this on your behalf. 

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