Cisco Webex - Mobile Guide

Cisco Webex - Mobile Guide

Sign in process

 First, open the application and enter the Email address used to register the app then click Next.

 Enter your application Password and then hit submit.

Once signed in you will be presented with the main home screen which is the Messaging Tab. This page will show you any group chats or direct chats you have with other Webex users.

Managing the Application

By selecting your User Icon in the top left corner of the application this will pop out the following menu with different options to manage your account. Most are self-explanatory however more details can be found below.

Set a status lets you set custom status messages

Settings allows you to configure the features of the application, see below for full list

Whats new shows you the latest updates to the application

Sign Out will mean the next time you log in you will need the email, username and password.

By tapping on Profile, you will see your telephone number and will be able to edit your details by tapping on the pencil icon in the top right.

You can then change those details and add a photo for the icon.

Tap on Settings, and the setting menu appears. From here you can see and amend the settings for all the features on the app.

General – Allows configuration of status settings and automatic updates of the app.

Notifications – Configure the permissions of the app

Audio – Enable answer with speaker and auto remove background noise on calls

Video – Auto enable video on Webex to Webex calls

Phone Service – This confirms the app is connected to the server

Calendar – Allows you to sync your mobile calendar to Webex

Messaging – Change your message settings

Calling – Setup diverts and enable call forwards/DND (Advanced Call Settings)

Devices – Allows you to use Cisco Ultrasound which wirelessly connects to Cisco Devices.


You can search for contacts to message on the main search bar at the top of the Webex application. For internal contacts, you can use their name, phone number or email address to search. For external Webex users, you will need to search for their email addresses.

If you tap on a user, it will put you on the following screen, 

Tapping the 3 dotted lines will give you more options: Share screen, content, pins, schedule and info.

The Info option will show you the contacts details and allow you to favourite the user to your list.

If you tap on View contact card, it will give you more information about the user and an option to add them to your contacts.


The Teams space allows you to Group users together and create group chats (Spaces) that are only accessible to those users.

To create a new team, click the following icon 

Enter a name and description of the Team

Once created you can create a chat space and also add users to the group. This page is only accessible to users you have added to the Team.


The contacts tab allows you to View, Group and Call your contacts.

The Search Bar will only allow you to search for users that have Cisco Webex however you can add external contacts to the application via the Add a contact button.

Please note the application does not pull down the Group contact directory from the Phone Portal however there is integration with Outlook that can be enabled in the settings. This functionality may be implemented in the future.

To add contacts external to the app, first tap the Add Contact icon.

Then tap customise a new contact.

Enter the details of the contact. To save click the tick arrow in the top right.

To create a contact Group, click the contact icon then Create a new group.

Create a Group allows to group contacts together, give the group a Name then hit Create.

Once a group is created you can add users to the group with the following methods;

1) When initially adding the user, this gives you the option to select which group you add them to

2) Following the addition, you can tap and hold the contact and select move to group, then select the group you want them moving to, saving it by pressing the tick arrow in the top right.


The Calling section allows you to view your call history and make calls.

To access the dial pad press the Phone icon 

You can also pull a Parked Call from this screen.

From the dialling pad you can make audio calls and also video call other Webex users.

The Device Options field allows you to push a call to a physical handset if you have one associated with your user licence.

Answering a Call

When you receive a call you get a notification on your device giving you the option to answer or decline the call.

Once the call connects there will be several options to manage the call

Microphone Icon = Mute the microphone

Sound Icon = Mute and unmute sound 

Three Dots = This gives you the following options:

Switch to video call = Allows you to initiate a video call with the caller (Only supported within Webex)

Show Keypad = Opens the dial pad

Hold = Place the call on hold

Transfer = Transfer the call

Conference = Conference another caller in

Transferring a Call

When pressing the transfer button, this will pop out a dial pad with a search bar, enter the number or search for the user you wish to transfer the call to.

Once you have selected the user you wish to call, this will place the initial call on hold so you can speak with the person you are transferring the call to.

You can complete the transfer by clicking the Complete Transfer button, this can also be clicked whilst the call is ringing for a cold transfer.

Advanced Call settings

To enable Call Forwards, DND or Sign out of Call Centres, this is managed in the application features.

Select your user Icon in the top left corner and select Settings.

Next in the left menu select Calling

Select Self-Care portal

Incoming Calls – This allows you to configure Call Forwards and enable DND

Outgoing Calls – This allows you to block your Caller ID

Call Control – This allows you to configure Call Director or change your Call Centre status, this option only appears if your user is associated in a Call Centre.


This menu allows you to schedule meetings within the Cisco Webex application and view upcoming meetings

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