Cisco 191 and 192 provisioning guide

Cisco 191 and 192 provisioning guide

Cisco 191/192 provisioning guide

1. Build the user/device on Jolaphone Platform as you would normally using the Cisco ATA 191/192 profile – Adding a new handset to the platform

2. Once added to the platform and allocated to a user, plug in the ATA and plug in your ethernet cable and wait until lights are steady green.

3. Browse to the ATA's IP address (you can find this through the arp table of your router)

4. Login to the ATA with the following details;

Username: admin

Password: admin

5. Go to Voice > Provisioning

In profile rule remove the text that it already there and input

For 191 - and select submit

6. If the device does not reboot automatically, reboot the device by removing the power for 10 seconds and then powering up again.

7. The device should then pull down the configuration that it needs after around 30 seconds - 3 minutes after the device has been rebooted - the bottom LED should start flashing on the ATA.

8. You will know this has been successful when you can't login with user: admin   Password: admin and when the Line 1 LED shows green

9. Proceed to login with 

Username: user

Password: fBi5m7Uw

10. Go to Regional and Set interdigit short to 3 and long timer to value of 5.