CDR Information v3

CDR Information v3

What is a CDR?

CDR stands for Call Detail Record. CDRs act as a log for all information relevant to a communication, including call duration, a sequence number, which acts as a unique identifier, origin, destination and much more. In many cases, a service provider will use a mediation system to combine the various data records generated by a communication into a single consolidated CDR file. See CDR examples (link to knowledge base).

CDR Formats

All CDRs are sent as standard V3 format. 

Sample CDR V3 and V1

Please find further information on the UK Standard for CDRs 2015 file attached below

How do I receive the CDR files?  

The CDR file(s) are sent with your monthly invoice, within the first 4 working days of the month. You can also retrieve your CDR information by logging into WebaBILLity -

To request a log on – please email

Please Note: 

We do not provide CDRs at the moment for the following services: 

Fixed IP, eSIM, EE, Three or KPN

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