Call notify (User) - JolaPhone

Call notify (User) - JolaPhone

How this Feature will help you

Call Notify lets you focus on important tasks by sending you an email alert, rather than ringing your Device, if an incoming call matches one or more of the rules you set up. The caller will still hear ringing.

You can create rules based on time and/or particular numbers, as well as all numbers allowed, so your Device rings and you get an email alert showing who’s called if you’re away from your Device.

How to set up and use this feature 

Click on the Call Notify settings icon on the Features page.

Add email

To set up the email address you’d like the alerts to go to, simply click ‘Add email’.

Then type in the address and hit ‘Save’. 

Create a new rule

First click ‘Add rule’.

Rule times

Type in a name for your rule.

There’s a default ‘Time Schedule’ of ‘All day, every day’. To create more Time Schedules, click ‘Add Time Schedule’. You can find out more about this by reading the ‘Schedules’ Feature article.

Once you’ve added and selected your Schedules, click ‘Continue’.

Rule details

You can apply the rule to ‘All phone numbers’ or ‘Selected phone numbers’. If ‘Selected phone numbers’, type the number into the field and click ‘Add another number +’ – up to a maximum of 12.

You can also choose telephone numbers that match a pattern or digit string – such as a particular area code. To replace the digits at any point in a phone number use a question mark (?), e.g. 01234 ??????.

Select to include calls from ‘Private’ and ‘Unknown’ numbers. Ticking one or both of these boxes will result in the calls being forwarded, plus you’ll get an email notification too.  

Once you’ve finished creating your new rule, simply hit ‘Save’.


After creating your rule, you’ll be redirected to the main page where all your Call Notify rules will be listed. From here you can toggle a rule ‘on’ or ‘off’, delete it, edit it, and add new rules.

Additional information

Call Notify is an overlay Feature that sends you email alerts, it won’t affect your other Features such as Call Forwarding and Voicemail. 

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